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Day of Dragons


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  • Play as dragons and elementals.
  • Survive! You come into the world as a hatchling and must eat, drink, survive, and grow to become an adult.
  • Online Multiplayer. Play with other people. Some creatures are players, some are AI. It all takes place on a Dedicated server that you or someone else is hosting.
  • Huge Mega Map. The world is huge and beautiful with multiple biomes including forests, deserts, lava, swamps, grasslands, and caves.
  • Special abilities! Some dragons can fly, breath fire, spit acid, and even turn invisible!
  • End game. The game is more than just growing and surviving. After reaching adult, you can unravel the mystery that will allow your dragon to grow even larger, becoming an Elder dragon, or unlock an alpha class level character and be hunted for the rest of your days while being very powerful.

Multiple Biomes


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In Day of Dragons the landscapes are massive, often stretching to 16km x 16km making for a large open world ready for players to explore.

Redwood Biome

Discover the beauties and dangers of the Redwood Biome.

Redwood Biome

The Redwoods transition from snowy winter to vivid summers.

Desert Biome

Finding water is important if you are to survive in the Dune Desert.

Desert Biome

With real-time reflections, water is both refreshing and beautiful.


Swimming is not only fun, sometimes it's needed to put out fire.


Underwater post-processing effects make the view look real.

Flying in the Desert

The only thing better than flying is flying with a friend.

Flying under the Aurora

Aurora Borealis in the Desert? Yes!

Sleeping in the Redwoods

Sometimes you just need to rest and recharge your stamina.

A Game for Dragon Lovers

"The development team, while small, is driven and constantly releasing sneak peeks at new, breathtaking assets to the community, who they are in frequent communication with. The community is growing by leaps and bounds with content creators making videos on it being just as excited by the game as the prospective player base. In short, Day of Dragons is the baby of lead developer and proprietor Jao, a dragon lover making a game for dragon lovers - and its dawn looks very bright!"

- Dragonnas Xavier

Highly Ambitious

"After playing Eye of the dragon, Heavily modded skyrim and all the Divinity games, I've never wanted a game more then this one. Day of Dragons is a highly ambitious and beautiful game that has a bright future for years to come as possibly the first great dragon game in this time"

- Slitherriss

A Special Project

"Ever since Reign of Fire and the Dragons mod in ARK was created, I've been more obsessed with Dragons than I already am. The moment I heard about Day Of Dragons, I knew this was a special project meant for legendary things!"

- Cinder

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    Day of Dragons is now available on Steam Early Access. You may purchase Day of Dragons on Steam by clicking the link below. This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit https://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq